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About AvantiGas - LPG Gas Supplier

The New Name in LPG

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About AvantiGas - LPG Gas Supplier


Formed in 2011, AvantiGas are a supplier of top quality LPG to Scotland. Based in Fife, we deliver to homes and businesses requiring an efficient energy source for heating, hot water or to power fleets of vehicles or fork lift trucks.


AvantiGas believe that LPG is the perfect fuel choice for those living off the mains gas grid, as it is a clean burning fuel with high combustion efficiency. By using LPG from bulk tanks, you are also gaining a reliable supply with little downtime for your business and no product wastage.


AvantiGas also supply LPG to use as a fuel for converted vehicles. This type of LPG is often referred to as auto gas. By using an LPG vehicle, you can benefit from the cheapest road fuel currently available in the North of Scotland.


For more information on what AvantiGas can do for you or your business you can contact us here.


Company Legal information

Company name: Avanti Gas Ltd

Registered office: Avanti House Unit 53 Markham Lane, M1 Commerce park, Duckmanton, Derbyshire, S44 5HS

Registered in England and Wales number: 481121

VAT registration number: GB 524 522 665