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LPG For Your Home

A warm welcome every time you come home

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LPG For Your Home

LPG for your Home

LPG from AvantiGas provides a reliable and cleaner burning fuel for your home. It is an ideal solution if you live outside mains gas areas, as it provides the same benefits.

Why Choose AvantiGas

At AvantiGas we are passionate about energy and our customers. We pride ourselves in providing a cleaner burning fuel, and through our expertise and advanced technology, continually strive to deliver better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your energy needs.


AvantiGas is part of an international organisation renowned for excellence in the production of fuels as well as global distribution. We are one of the leading suppliers of LPG, using global expertise to offer our customers professional, local solutions.


Safety is of paramount importance in all our operations. AvantiGas installs tanks and supplies its products in full compliance with local health & safety regulations.
We have a team of experienced LPG experts who can provide you with all the essential information and support you need.


No worries, no hassle - our approach. Everyday we make important decisions that can have a huge impact on our daily lives. At AvantiGas we can make your life easier by giving you at least one less thing to worry about.


If you live beyond the reach of mains gas, we can help you make the right fuel choice for your home or business.


"We have been really pleased with Avanti.

Your staff were so helpful and the installation went so smoothly. We were particularly impressed that when we asked for a site visit in the first place, your representative surveyed the site for tanker access as I asked and was very helpful indeed.

The point worth making is that rural areas are where LPG is needed and villages in rural areas always have narrow lanes and drives: hence the need for smaller delivery vehicles. Your competitors (LPG and oil) were not able to provide that.

We are so pleased now to be burning Avanti Gas."