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What is LPG?

Your guide to LPG

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What is LPG?

Your guide to LPG

LPG is a very versatile fuel which can be used in many applications for both domestic and business use. Here you will find information and advice on the ins and outs of LPG from what LPG is to the storage & supply of your LPG.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a very versatile gas and can be used for a wide array of application: in the home, in agriculture, in businesses, in industry and in vehicles. Discover more about LPG.

The Nature of LPG

LPG has been formed over millions of years beneath the ground.

Properties of LPG

LPG properties have important safety considerations.

Propane & Butane

Propane and Butane have similar properties but different applications.

Customer Care

Caring for our customers

Health & Safety

Health and safety is of paramount importance to AvantiGas

Storage and Supply

LPG storage options